joel judson

Akemnji Ndifornyen

Akemnji Ndifornyen is a BAFTA winning actor represented by Independent Talent.


He started his career starring in such shows as Law & Order: UK, Berlin Station, Mandy, and Death in Paradise.

Building on this success, Akemnji launched his own three-season comedy show, Famalam. As well as starring in the show, he is also the writer, producer, and composer. The comedy show has been such a success, that it led to Akemnji winning the BAFTA for Breakthrough Talent.

Most recently, Akemnji starred in The Queen’s Gambit for Netflix, where he played Mr Fergusson.


So we were thrilled to discover Akemnji loved the script for Chairs and was keen to play our male lead of Joel in our film. Akemnji threw himself into the role, and has delivered an amazing performance. We are looking forward to sharing his performance with audiences across the festival circuit.