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The script went through years of development at Sunset Aperture due to the nature of its structure. With such a range of additional scenes available, and many of them written, tough decisions had to made as to which ones would make it into the shooting script.



Over 750 actors applied or auditioned for the 18 roles in our film. With such a high calibre of talent keen to be in this production, the casting process took a considerable amount of time. Our shortlist of 50 actors made the final decisions extremely tough because we simply did not have enough roles for the amount of actors that genuinely impressed us.



The recce stage of finding and securing the locations we needed for your shoot, took over a year. In addition to this, we ran a diligent recruitment process to secure the right crew for the shoot. The scale of the production also demanded a great deal of prep in the art department and costumes department. We did not contemplate shooting until these essential elements were in place.



We shot for five days across London, in two separate shooting blocks. The first of these blocks were four consecutive days, two of them at a studio where we built sets. The final day of shooting was filmed five months later. At the end of these two blocks, we had shot every scene in the script.