Eva Yacobi

Eva Yacobi is an actress represented by International Artists Management.

Of Middle Eastern descent, Eva has been in constant demand for acting projects across commercials, web series, short films, musical theatre, and voice over work. This is in large part to her natural talent and her impressive professionalism on set.

She is best known for her variety of roles in the popular web series Kiddyzuzaa.

Eva soon followed this with roles in a string of short films, and she is frequently being shortlisted through her agency for other roles.
Upon watching her showreel piece, our Director instantly shortlisted Eva for our film, and then cast her within the first week of casting. Eva was cast as Aliana, the school friend of Young Joel who has carried a crush for him but is now beginning to question that affection. On set, Eva was the consummate professional and brought a beautifully nuanced performance to the film. We are confident Eva is heading to major achievements in the acting world.