sound designer / sound editor

Greg Claridge

Greg Claridge is an Oscar-Winning Sound Designer.

He was previously the Technical Director of Bubble TV, one of London’s largest sound studios, with a thirty-year history in post-production services. During his time there, Greg sound-designer a string of successful productions. Most notably, he was the Sound Designer and Sound Editor for the Oscar-Winning short film The Silent Child.

He has also sound designed every film our director has shot. Their working relationship often starts in pre-production as they discuss ideas prior to the shoot itself. This approach enables our director to shoot with the sound design in mind.

Greg joined the Chairs post-production team in the early stages of the project. Not only has Greg developed an innate understanding of what our director wants after a decade of working together, he has also mixed the original score of our Composer in three of our director’s previous films. The Sound Design and Sound Editing was the final stage of the Chairs production.