Focus Canning

Over the course of a decade Focus Canning have become one of the leading film equipment rental houses in the U.K. with offices in London and Newcastle.

They offer a multitude of production equipment, from ARRI, Cooke, Zeiss, Leica, Sony, Red, Kowa, Canon, and many more. As a result, they are much in demand throughout the industry, and have supplied kit for thousands of productions, including commercials, music videos, short films, television, and feature films.

Having previously supported our director on another film, Focus Canning agreed to sponsor the shoot by providing all the lenses required. This incredible support enabled us to shoot Chairs with the dream pairing of Arri Signature Primes and Cooke Panchros. These high-end cinematic lenses, which are often beyond the budget of short films, lensed every shot in our film. In unison with our Arri Mini LF camera, it resulted in breathtaking cinematography by our director of photography. This partnership between Sunset Aperture and Focus Canning was essential to fulfil the shared aesthetic look of our director and director of photography for the Chairs production.