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Jeff Bedrick

Jeff Bedrick is a VFX Artist and Title Designer based in San Francisco.

Throughout his career, Jeff has worked on a string of successful studio features. Most notably, he was a Digital Matte Painter on Shrek 2, where he was responsible for creating the environments which the characters inhibit.

His working relationship with our director spans a decade. During which time Jeff has worked on the post-production of every film our director has released. Initially their working relationship was in VFX, but for the last four releases, Jeff has also created the main title seen in the opening credits. The last two of these productions have won Title Design Awards at International Film Festivals.

Consequently, Jeff was the first choice of our director to create the main title for Chairs, based on a Photoshop design our director had created while writing the script. That design our director had created was that the H in Chairs would be a chair itself. After our director had spent months researching and sourcing the font he wanted for the main title, he passed this onto Jeff in San Francisco. Combining that font with the early Photoshop idea of our director, Jeff created the Chairs title seen on this website, both at the top of every page, and on the homepage. The same design features in the film itself. Along with this, Jeff was also responsible for the VFX for one of the scenes in the film. The same chair from that scene, is the chair seen in the main title design.