The Monobloc chair is a lightweight stackable polypropylene chair, usually white in colour, often described as the best-selling chair in history.

The chair is injection moulded from thermoplastic as one single piece, instead of many parts as with most other chairs. This process makes it extremely affordable for all countries to produce and purchase. It is estimated to cost an average of just $3 to make one single Monobloc chair. Consequently, they are mass produced in every corner of the globe.

Their appearance is deemed perfect for events such as weddings and large gatherings. But their aesthetic also has its detractors who feel the chair is too common for their purpose. An example of the latter would be in Basel, Switzerland, who banned the Monobloc completely for a decade, to preserve the beauty of the city.

Nevertheless, no chair is more commonly seen around the world. So much so, that in Europe alone, over one billion Monoblocs have been sold. No other chair in the world gets close to it in terms of sales.

This video celebrates its use and popularity in the world today